How to care for your Pearls

How to care for your Pearls

We recommend wearing only your pearl on a chain, and putting it in its own jewelry box when it is not being worn. Tahitian Pearls are dense, and they are shock resistant, but they can be scratched. Therefore, we recommend wearing them on a chain and storing them in their own jewelry box when they are not being worn. 

Keep your pearls' shine by avoiding chemical products like shampoo, soap, perfume, and chlorinated water from the faucet. Remove your pearls before bathing, particularly if you perspire while playing a sport.

After wearing your pearl, you can simply clean it with a soft cloth which may be moistened with non-chlorinated water.

Our recommendation is not to coat your pearl with olive or coconut oil, as has been suggested, since this will only cause dust to stick to it. 

There is a very important fact to know about Tahitian Pearls: they contain 2% water. This water must remain in the pearls to avoid serious changes. 

If your home is air conditioned, leave your pearls in the bathroom when you are not wearing them. Avoid placing your pearls in direct sunlight or close to a window.

Keep your pearl out of a wooden box (dehydration) and especially out of a plywood box (formaldehyde). 

If you will not be wearing your pearl for several months and will be storing it in a place that lacks humidity, you will need to place a glass of water next to it. 

In order to preserve its beauty, it is best to wear it regularly, so that the contact will rehydrate your skin. 

Following these simple logical suggestions will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your pearl for many years to come.
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