The pearl, choosing it and wearing it

The pearl, choosing it and wearing it

Often considered classic or even outdated, Tahitian cultured pearls have become very popular nowadays. It symbolizes femininity and elegance. It can be worn as earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets or even rings. The simple and sophisticated pieces are usually made from various materials: silver and gold of course, but also leather, fabric ... or other beads for our multi-row bracelets.
How to choose and wear. The choice of beads is often an obsession with shape, color and setting.


Choosing a pearl is often a coup de coeur for a shape, a color and a setting.

two black pearls on a sand dollar mounted onto a sterling silver pendent

Pendent Bora

But let's be honest, budget counts too. Therefore, you should know that Tahitian cultured pearls are available at almost any price!

Tahitian cultured pearls can be round, pear-shaped or drop-shaped, oval or round. For our creations like silver rings, we use round pearls.

It is produced from the oyster "Pinctada marginitifera" and its color comes from the black lips of this pearl oyster. Therefore, the color range of this pearl can be from silver to black to blue, green or eggplant. The quality of a pearl will be judged by its shape, its luster, its ability to reflect light and the presence of imperfections. We tell you more about pearls and their history in this article.

Pearls go with any style and most outfits. No need to wait for special occasions, it can be worn every day. Feel free to pair it with casual or more sophisticated outfits. Our pearl necklaces can meet all your needs.

Although the classic pearl necklaces worn by our mothers and grandmothers are no longer in style, a choker or necklace with a single pendant, these pearls are easy to match with almost any outfit. Tahitian cultured pearls are colorful and reminiscent of, dare I say it ! 

Peacock colored Tahiti pearl on a Stainless steel chain

Necklace Heilani

Stacking is also stylish, so don't hesitate to combine your jewelry with costume jewelry or gold and silver jewelry.


It is best not to come in contact with chemicals such as detergents or perfumes. If you need to store it, choose a cloth bag, as rubbing against hard objects can scratch it.

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