About us

Ia Orana,

We are Catherine and Raphael, the owners and creative minds behind Nani Pearls.

I, Catherine and my husband lived for many years on the beautiful Island of Moorea, which is next to Tahiti in French Polynesia. On an everyday basis I was surrounded by these beautiful Tahitian Pearls. Everyone wore them and it was a spectacular view to see, so many different creations. It became a dream that one day I would start my own jewelry collection. However kids and our diving business got in the way and so years passed by. Our friends Raphael and his wife visited us shortly before we left the Fenua (home) to return to Europe. They too were taken in by the beauty of these Black Pearls.

Fast forward a couple of years and a summer evening full of dreams and memories. One of us then said why do we not start a Pearl Jewelry business!! Exactly why not ? The four of us have been friends for over 20 years and so Nani Pearls was born.

The name Nani Pearls came from the definition of Nani = beauty and Pearls. So putting it together gave us Nani Pearls = the beauty of Pearls

We hope that you will enjoy the creations and unique pieces we offer and enjoy the splendid beauty that nature has offered us.

Māuruuru roa! (Thank you very much)