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Nani Pearl

Dainty Tahitian Pearl & Black Obsidian Bracelet With Silver Spacers 5mm

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Ring size guide


You can measure your ring size in a number of ways. Measure the circumference around your finger (in mm) using a piece of paper or sting or use international (EU & US) size references.

5 = US Sizes
49 = EU/UK sizes

 and then look up the corresponding ring size in mm.

Jewelry / Pearl care guide


It is important to clean your jewelry from time to time to wash off all the accumulated pollution, sweat, make up and chemical products such as creams and perfume.
Simply wash your jewelry in a bowl filled with warm water and soap, then wipe it with a soft cloth. For your jewelry to last even longer, it is recommended not to pull the jewelry too hard when putting it on and off. Please take off your jewelry : 
☐ while swimming, bathing or visiting sauna
☐ while working out
☐ when putting on lotion, hairspray or perfume


The Tahitian Pearl is dense, and is somewhat shock-resistant, but it can be scratched through contact with other jewelry. Therefore, we advise you to wear only your pearl on a chain, and to place it in its own jewelry box when you are not wearing it.

To keep its original shine, avoid chemical products such as shampoo, soap, perfume, and chlorinated water from your faucet. Remove your pearl jewelry before bathing.

If you play a sport during which you perspire, it is better to remove your pearls, because some acid perspiration can alter the shine of your pearl.

After wearing your pearl, you can simply clean it with a soft cloth which may be moistened with non-chlorinated water.

We advise against coating your pearl with coconut oil or olive oil, as we have seen suggested, because this would only cause dust to stick to it.

The most important thing to know is that the Tahitian Pearls contain 2% water. It is very important that this water remains in the pearls to avoid serious changes.

Therefore, do not place your pearls in direct sunlight or in front of a window. If your home is air conditioned, leave your pearl in the bathroom when you're not wearing it.

Do not leave your pearl in a wooden box (dehydration) and especially not in a plywood box (formaldehyde).

If you will not be wearing your pearl for several months, and you will be storing it in a place which lacks humidity, place a glass of water next to it.

The best idea is to wear it regularly, because the contact with your skin will rehydrate it, and help to preserve its beauty.

By following these simple logical suggestions, you will enjoy the beauty of your pearl for many years.

This dainty style Tahitian Pearl & Black Obsidian bracelet is available to be made with silver colored spacers.

This minimal design Obsidian bracelet can be worn by itself. Or, you can stack with other bracelets.

4mm diameter Obsidian semi-precious gemstone beads and 8.5mm Tahitian Black Pearl, threaded on to a strong stretch cord.

This is a stretch fit bracelet, allowing for easy on-off fitment over the hand. Select your size from the options above. Please measure your wrist before ordering.

★ Sizing Conversions

15.5cm ---> 6"
16.5cm ---> 6.5"
18cm ---> 7"
19cm ---> 7.5"
20cm ---> 8"
21.5cm ---> 8.5"

All bracelets are handmade to order. The images displayed on this listing are for illustration purposes only. The bracelet you will receive will be very similar to that shown. When significant changes occur within batches of pearls and stones that I use, I will update the picture to reflect that change. All stones and pearls are unique and no two beads are the same.

About Nani Pearl

We design and hand-assemble our jewelry in France. Hand-assembled jewelry means that the materials for jewelry making are mostly
custom-designed and/or imported to then be hand-assembled and packaged by ourselves.

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